Pastor Jeremy Poland



About our Pastor:

Jeremy has a heart for God’s people and watching them grow. His greatest joy in ministry is rooted in the shared experience of discovery:  learning and seeing new things, venturing into untried forms of service, and crossing lines that may divide the human family, in order to build new relationships and stretch our hearts to accommodate a bigger Love.  For, when people grow and love and serve together, the world becomes brighter. And the peace of Christ on earth is realized.

Jeremy began serving with Panora United Methodist Church in 2022. He was commissioned as a pastor by the Iowa Annual Conference in 2013, and served as the leader of youth (and other) ministries for six years before that. Additionally, in the exceedingly unlikely event anyone cares, he holds a couple of very expensive pieces of paper from Drew Theological School and Simpson College.

He is married to Kristen (which, to meet them together, testifies either the existence of miracles, or Kristen’s need for glasses), and they have two wonderful children.