Revs Dennis and Jane Shepherd, co-pastors

            When we were nearly 50 years old, and already involved in separate ministries at the schools where we were employed, God called us to pulpit ministry as pastors.  During and after seminary, we pastored several separate churches for 15 years and then retired to Lake Panorama… not fully suspecting how God would continue to use us.

            As retired pastors, we have filled in for pastors who needed a Sunday off, nearby and also here locally.  We’ve been attending Panora United Methodist Church for over 5 years, have come to love the people, the music, the warm welcome, and the commitment of the congregation.  Panora United Methodist Church is our first opportunity to co-pastor together.  We have different skills and enjoy differing parts of church ministry, so we are enjoying working together.  We invite you to join us for worship through our Facebook livestream when you can’t join us in person.  Welcome to this church family.