Loving God is not a singular act, but an enriching journey that manifests in countless expressions, each contributing to the depth and beauty of our relationship with God.

One-on-One Time with God

Isn’t it fun to “pencil in” time with a friend on your calendar. Knowing that you get to hang out together is something you look forward to and anticipate. Pencil Pen God in on your calendar. Loving God is as easy as intentionally setting aside time for God.

Communal Worship

Communal prayer and worship expresses our love and adoration for God drawing us in to closer relationship with God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Using Your Gifts

    Recognizing the gifts given by God, uniquely to each individual, and using those gifts in our acts of service and compassion towards others is a reflection of our love for God.

    There are many ways to get involved, such as music, missions, or adult or children’s ministries. However, the best way to find your niche is to remain after the worship service for fellowship and treats. Introduce yourself, share your interests, and begin to explore where you can use your gifts.


      By nurturing relationships within our spiritual community, we create spaces of love and support where we can journey together, share our joys and struggles, and grow in faith and fellowship. In these relationships, we express our love for God through our love for others.