What is a Discipleship Pathway?

Our Discipleship Pathway is our intentional process to meet people where they are and help them to take their next step on their faith journey.

Here at Panora United Methodist Church (PUMC), our mission is to Love God, Grow in Faith, Serve Others; so that, we make disciples for Jesus Christ.

As a member of PUMC we encourage you to be involved in four specific areas of our church.

1) Come to know and love God through weekly worship

2) Grow closer to God and others through small group activities for study and fellowship.

3) Commit to one or more of our many opportunities to serve others.

4) Continually seek opportunities to tell others your story about the difference Jesus has made in your life.  

As a Community of Faith, with every member committed to this mission, we believe lives will be changed thru the power of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

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