Next month I am turning 65 years old. Some people assume that when they retire from full-time paid employment, as I plan to do at the end of June, they will also retire from learning new things. I am absolutely certain that will not be the case for me.

I live to learn new things. Just this spring I have learned how to use several new (to me) social media platforms, how to use a graphic editing program to create graphics for the church website and social media, and how to record edit and share audio files of my Sunday sermons. I can’t imagine that I will suddenly stop learning because I am retiring.

I already have a few things in mind that I want to learn more about. I am hoping to start a private practice offering spiritual direction and workshops on spiritual formation from my home. I have never run a small business, and I anticipate I will need to learn a few things about marketing and accounting. I also want a way for my clients to be able to pay me electronically, and I am exploring

When some people face the prospect of learning something new, they see it as a problem and adopt an attitude to fear and dread. I approach such new endeavors with hopeful anticipation, just as I would a puzzle to solve.

Remember that God gave us a brain for a reason. So, as long as I am able, I plan to keep on learning new things. What about you? Do you feel like the world is passing you by, or are you ready to embrace a new challenge? It is my prayer that you will consider the possibility that God is not through with you yet, and God still has many wonderful things for you to learn and enjoy!